Monday, October 20, 2014

"Well, well...what have we here?"

I was sent this picture of our youngest grandson's introduction to the feline world, via a
weekend visit to the home of his parent's friends.

PS.  The small cookie package is empty, but he liked the noise the bag made.  Grandma's
like me check on things like this;)

Hoping your Monday is a good one!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Can you believe that it is Saturday again?  The weeks rush by so quickly.  In this early
morning hour, I sit by my computer, feeling like my creativity bin is almost empty:)
But, because I like when you all share ideas, I will share a few things I found lately,
with you.  Just some fun little some things for you.  You need to grab a cup of coffee
or tea first.

I found this pad of 12 bows in the craft isle of the Target Store.  By now,
you remember that I like to add pizazz to ordinary things, and make them
a bit more colorful, special, and prettier, and these help with that.

All you need is a glue stick, and to follow the simple instructions, and you can take
a paper bag of any color, and add the "wow" factor to it.

The bows are different colors and designs, and there were many color combinations in the
display.  I liked how this small brown bag looked with polka dots. 

Here I used a tiny white bag, added an orange bow, and a real leaf to hold the tag.  Endless
ways to use these pretty bows.  You can top jars with them, or little boxes. 

Another product I purchased lately, and found it to be a favorite.  In fact, I have it placed
on my bedside table, and it's hydration is impressive.  The cube itself, is so attractive!

I think this company believes in the importance of presentation, too.
I purchased the little cube at the Christmas Tree Shop.
There were different colors and flavors in the shampoo isle.
I chose "pomegranate blueberry". 

These tiny cubes are so cute, that I think they would make beautiful favors for the holidays,
or for a special dinner party.  Months ago, I was helping a friend with favors for a dinner
she was hosting to celebrate her mother's birthday.  I found these faux silver trays.  They
looked so elegant and yet were so inexpensive.  For fun, I sat the cube on it, added a
ribbon and a tag. This favor would add a touch of color and elegance to any table. 
One more thing about these trays.  My friend placed one of her molasses cookies on
each tray, put it in a clear cellophane bag, with ribbon and tag.

Just in case you wish to order these, you can find them here;
(search small silver trays 3286 NSB)

What was only last week, an ordinary olive jar, now became a
container for homemade salad dressing from my kitchen.
The labels were removed, the jar washed with hot, soapy
water, and dried thoroughly.  I used a rub-on design from
my craft drawer, and rubbed it on with a wooden
popsicle stick.  I placed a colorful cupcake holder on top of the lid,
tied it.

The design is temporary, because it will come off if washed with hot water, but
it looks good when the gift is given.  And, because I really like when you all share
favorite recipes,  I will share this dressing recipe with you.  It is from "Taste of
Home" magazine.


1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
1/2 tsp. salt
2/3 cup of vegetable oil
3 tablespoons of poppy seeds

In a food processor combine sugar, vinegar lemon juice, onion, and salt.  Process
until well blended.  Gradually add oil and blend well.  Add poppy seeds and mix
just until blended.  Refrigerate in an air tight container several hours or a day ahead.
PS.  I do not use a food processor.  I place all ingredients in a large jar and shake

Teaching young children the importance of creating and adding beauty to every day, is
what took place recently, at my daughter's kitchen table.  She hosted a family brunch, and
had fun things for the youngest ones in attendance.

I appreciated their enthusiasm as they eagerly dressed up these
cute little turkeys.  I wondered if it could be possible that someday,
they would be dressing up their own olive jars:)

Nothing though can compare to the exquisite beauty that God, the Master Artist, creates
and shares with us daily, in our world.  It is a gift that goes on quietly, behind the scenes,
without fanfare, and yet it's beauty defies description.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I wish you moments to soak in the scenes around you,
especially in this lovely time of the year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

By now you know, the Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year!

Lately, we have had some exquisitely beautiful photo opportunities, and I tell you,
I can barely stop taking pictures.

Hence, ''Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder."  With that, I need not say more.

All photos were captured in the last three weeks.

 I present to you, a bit of nature's finest.  Thank you so much for stopping by.

Friday, October 10, 2014


My two buddies and I, recently visited a local apple orchard store.  It is was a
clear, sunny day and they were happy to go on this fun adventure. 

There were colorful and "fresh from the farm" products, filling the stands on every isle.

The store is right along side of it's own huge, apple orchard.  Big, lush, ripe apples filled
every bin.

Inside the orchard store, the shelves were also filled with big, perfectly formed apples of many
different varieties.  It was difficult to make a decision as to which ones we should buy.

We brought them home, scrubbed them, peeled them, (they are like me, and prefer their
apples peeled), and cut them up for a snack.

Then I did the same with the rest of the apples, because I looked forward to making the "raw
apple cake recipe"  that I found on the blog, "Stonegable".  It is an exceptionally beautiful
blog, and Yvonne shares so many great recipes.  If you want to make a delicious apple,
walnut cake, you can find the recipe here;

Her "Roasted Cheddar Cauliflower" soup, is one I want to try, too.

The recipe calls for three cups of cut up apples, and that is the reason that it tastes so good!

Chocked full of apples and walnuts.  I chose to make the batter into small
loaves, and large sized muffins.

Quite a while ago, I purchased a pack of bright colored, apple tea towels and dish
cloths.  I took two of the dish cloths, folded it in thirds and wrapped the two little
apple loaves, tying the packages with green, coordinating ribbon.

Two tiny gifts, that originated from the our visit to the local
apple orchard.
The weekend is ahead.  I hope you enjoy time with family and
friends, on this Columbus Day holiday!
If you have the opportunity, indulge in a big, sweet tasting apple, and
think of me:)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lately, I've walked out my back door, and for a few moments in time, I feel
like I have "gardener status".  Really, my "Knock Out" roses are taking over my
small garden.  I ask myself the question, "how is it, that now, near the middle of
October,  my roses more in abundance than they were all summer?"

Pink and red blooms are everywhere.  Tiny pink and red buds peek through
all the blooms, leading me to believe that they wish their growing season would
continue on indefinitely:)

I did a bit of research on "Knock Out" roses, and thought you might be interested
in what I learned from;

"Little compares to the beautiful and delicate petals of a vibrant-colored rose.  If
you love roses but hesitate to grow this work-intensive flower, the "Knock Out"
rose is your answer.  "Knock Out" roses are easy to grow, require little care and
adapt to any landscape.  They are disease resistant, heat tolerant and grow
in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9."

"William Radler is the creator of "Knock Out" roses.  His fascination for roses
started as a child.  He purchases his first rose at age nine for 49 cents and the rose
flourished.  He began looking for more roses, and always looked for a bargain.
He soon learned that roses required a lot of care and wanted to discover a rose
that could  withstand the cold and did not require pesticides.  After 15 years of
trial and error, be bred the most disease resistant rose, the "Knock Out".

A few facts I learned from this article;
~The "Knock Out" rose requires six or more hours of sunshine a day.
~It performs best if fed after each blooming cycle with a fertilizer specifically
for roses.
~It is self-cleaning, the faded flowers do not require removal.
~The "Knock Out" roses can be pruned down to six inches in late fall, and will
spring back the next growing season.
~Removing one-third of the old branches every two or three years helps to stimulate
new growth.

This fact is from the 95 year old lady, who lives in the farm nearby to me, and whose
"Knock Out" rose bushes are heartier and more beautiful than any I have ever seen.  She
said she places manure on them every fall.  Lots of manure.  Then she was kind
enough to offer me some buckets of their manure for me to take home and place on
my bushes:)  I declined her gracious offer, knowing that the aroma in my car would
most likely remain for a long time.  Today, even without the fertilizer of manure, my
roses are still beautiful!

As is the only real rose bush that I have planted.  Today, it has five gorgeous blooms on it.
I must admit though, this bush does require a lot more of my time and attention, and
does not produce as many blooms throughout the summer as my "Knock Out" rose
bushes do.  Although, it's blooms are my favorite!

A few straggly looking daisies do remain in the garden today, along with... lone blooming pansy that decided to appear again,
after disappearing all summer.
A new day is ahead.
A gift to each one of us.
Wishing you the best as you walk through the day.
Wanting to remember with you today, that
"Kindness does give birth to kindness", and focusing on the beauty
in our world, is more encouraging than focusing on the ugly
in our world.
Thanks for stopping here!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


On this particular Saturday morning, four of us, and Buster, took a walk through the
woods, wanting to take in the beauty of the Fall season, and to capture it all with
our trusty cameras.  Me, my Sony, and her, her Fisher Price.  The other two
walked along with us, or should I say, waited patiently for us.

She found bright colored berries, and colorful flowers that she immediately knew she
wanted to photograph.  Of course, as a grandmother, I was thrilled with her obvious
interest in one of my favorite hobbies. 

We took pictures of the  many colorful berries...

...and flowers, even if some of them had seen their better days, earlier in the Fall:)

She stopped every few minutes, finding hidden jewels that she just had to capture, and
she took it all so seriously...

...finding just the exact spot to photograph.  A little, amateur photographer, who also
loves to do her own hairstyles, headband and all:)

And, after she was done capturing, she wanted me to take my turn.  I must admit, there
were so many photo ops, on the clear, brisk Fall October morning.

But, in the end, I shared with her, that taking pictures of those we love, is the very best! 
Capturing moments is by far, the most treasured part of photography for me, because
one never knows the memories that these pictures may trigger, when they are viewed
years from now.  In fact, right now, as I look at this picture we took on Saturday, it
already triggers precious memories for me. 

This post reminds me of something I read recently by Lance Wubbels, in his book,
"If Only I Knew". 

that I was caught in a trap
of living for tomorrow
and a future that existed
only in my imagination.
I would have slowed my pace,
drawn boundaries around my work,
and taken time for the people I love."

Photography and someone to share my enthusiasm for it, blessed my heart, this past
weekend.  Thank you for stopping by and allowing me the privilege of sharing my
joy with you today.

One more thing...if you enjoy seeing others photography, and you find yourself sitting
by the computer with some free minutes, here are some sites where the photography
inspires me;


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