Saturday, May 2, 2015

"We delight in the beauty of the a butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through
to achieve that beauty."     ~Maya Angelou

This is true in the lives of our family and friends.  We delight in who they are, while
unaware of all they may have gone through, to become the person that they are today.
The caterpillar while encased in the darkened cocoon, never dreamt of the freedom that
lie ahead.

"Butterflies can't see their wings.  They can't see how beautiful they are, but everyone
else can.  People are like that."   ~unknown

Speaking of beautiful cousin captured the two pictures above, last summer
in her zinnia garden. 

These pictures were taken at a recent visit to the National Museum of Natural History,
in Washington, DC.

"Most have noticed the wings of a butterfly, and observed the uniformity and beauty of the
pattern.  Now to produce that beautiful uniformity of pattern, hundreds of thousands, if not
millions of little feathers must combine.  And were we to have to calculate the exact shape,
situation, and tint of marking which every single plume of this countless feather-dust must
have, to prevent the whole being a confused blotch, it would exceed all the powers of human
mathematics, not to say all the faculties of the human mind.  But we might as well believe
that a group of boys, by throwing together stone after stone for a number of years, could
build up a Westminster Palace---as that all these minute feathers came together by chance!"
~ Philpot

At the one section of the museum, containing the butterfly display, I stood gazing at
all the colors, patterns, and varieties of butterflies that hung above me, in a massive
display, representing a few of the many types of butterflies found in this world.

The museum was a most interesting place for all of us to spend time on a Saturday morning.
The adults and the children alike, were captivated by all that we saw.

Fun with our family, on a rainy, overcast Saturday morning, a few months ago.

Wishing you a good weekend, and hoping that your weather is as lovely as ours is today.

This summer, when you see butterflies with their intricate markings and brilliant
colors, that you are reminded of the God who created them, for us to enjoy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every

day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful

which God has implanted in the human soul."     ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I am afraid that too often lately, we see more of the ugly in our world, flashed across
the television screens of our homes, and we become so absorbed in the ugliness at
times, that we miss out on the beautiful around us.  My prayer is, that on my blog, in
a simple way, I will continue to share bits of the beauty that make up daily life.  And
that even in the midst of pain, trials, uncertainty, and unrest...our focus can be
redirected to those simple, yet amazing gifts that our Heavenly Father provides us with.

A tiny gift for you today.  I only wish I could share the sweet aroma it provides,
along with it.  I know it would make you smile.

Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, April 27, 2015

On a clear, sunny Saturday afternoon, I was honored to be invited to a baby shower
for one of my daughter's dear friends.  On the invitation, it was called a "Mr. McGregor's
Garden Party", and I looked forward to seeing what that would entail.

The "soon to be mother" and one of her good friends.  They did not find out ahead of time
whether she was having a boy or girl, but everyone was making their predictions for her.
She looked pretty in her lace and pearls, for this anticipated event!

It was fun to walk around the home, and see all the creative touches put in place for this
garden party shower.

Here we were to guess the amount of old buttons in the jar.  I recognized some of the old books,
from my daughter's childhood. 

Eagerly this sweet girl wrote down her button guess.  In a few short weeks, she will get to meet her
new little cousin.  The big smile revealed her excitement over it all.

The clever way the relish tray was presented, fit perfectly into the garden theme.

Strawberries and grapes became eye candy, on the clear crystal pedestal display, and
tasted so good with the melted chocolate drizzled over it.

The food presentation was well thought out and  so attractively done.

 One of my favorite aspects of Mr. McGregor's Garden Party...
peanut butter button cookies, made by the hostess.  What a cute addition to the shower!

The sister and niece of the mother-to-be added to the shower's festivities, with their
warm smiles and kind hospitality.
Two lovely ladies, who eagerly look forward to fulfilling the coveted role
of "grandma" to the new little one.  I think grandmas are looking younger than

And, so are great-grandmothers!  These two gracious ladies have welcomed many little
ones into their arms over the years.

The smiles, the laughter, the conversations that were taking place throughout the home,
helped to make this event, one that will not soon be forgotten.

The baby will be so blessed to have aunts like this to care for and love them.

The gifts, the food, and the fellowship left the dear mother-to-be
with a feeling of joy and thankfulness in her heart, as she
faces the days ahead.

So much attention to detail was found everywhere. 

What fun to discover that I got to take a small gift along home with me. 

Another touch of "wow" to the garden party.

As I walked out the front door and said my goodbyes, it seemed like even the pansies
were smiling:)

Thank you for stopping by today.  Maybe this will renew some of memories you may
have from your days of reading about Mr. McGregor's garden, leaving you with a smile

Friday, April 24, 2015

As the Peony bushes are pushing their way through the ground, here at our

...our Midwest family spent the week visiting us.  They arrived on Saturday, and left
early this morning.  It has been years since our niece and nephew spent time with
their grandmother, and she loved every moment of that time together.

Time to read and to relax, were so needed for this family.  They live busy lives, and face
many demands, when they return from their spring break.

There was treasured time for lots of conversation, snacking on fresh, sweet,
delicious oranges from Costco, and potato chips.  Sounds like a great combination
doesn't it?   If what my brother claims is true, that potato chips really are vegetables,
then we snacked on fruit and vegetables:)

We had an extended family dinner with cousins who rarely spend time together.

Platters of hot, broasted chicken, makes every family event better.

The young ones were introduced for the first time, to the newest members of the family.
It was a tender moment for us, when we saw one of our nephews, taking a picture of
his precious, tiny second cousin.

"The richest gifts we can bestow are the least marketable."
~Henry David Thoreau
The family left early this morning, to drive the long distance home, and we
are left with lots of special memories.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Saturday afternoon was an exquisitely gorgeous, spring day!  On my way home
from the grocery store, I had to go the long way through the country.  The sights
I found gave me cause to stop and try, in some small way, to capture the beauty of it

"Spring heralds the return of the sun's warmth, the renewal of life, and the reappearance
of green and color everywhere."   ~unknown


There is something so fascinating to me, watching the dry, hardened ground
being tilled, and then the "fresh" rich topsoil in its place. 

Hundreds of tiny yellow flowers graced the creek banks.

"Some old fashion things like fresh air and sunshine, are hard to beat."   ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

"If we had no winter, this spring would not be so pleasant."    ~unknown

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy."  ~Charles H. Spurgeon
Sharing a few of the things I enjoy, with you on this early Monday morning. 
Thank you for stopping by. 


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